Initial Setup

Once you have flashed the firmware to your ESP32, secured it in its enclosure, and powered it on, you are ready to connect it to your WiFi network. After the TiltBridge is powered on it will create a new WiFi access point with the SSID TiltBridgeAP and password tiltbridge. Connect to this AP using a phone, laptop, or other WiFi enabled device, and attempt to navigate to any website using a web browser in order to see the configuration panel.

  1. Flash & power on the TiltBridge ESP32
  2. Using a WiFi-enabled phone, laptop, or other device, connect to the wireless network with the SSID TiltBridgeAP
  3. Once connected, the configuration screen may automatically appear. If it does not, open a web browser and attempt to navigate to any webpage.
  4. When the configuration screen appears, click Configure WiFi
  5. Select your wireless network from the list of available networks and enter the password in the Password field beneath the list of available networks
  6. Choose a name to identify your TiltBridge and enter it in the Device (mDNS) Name field. The default name - tiltbridge can be used unless you have multiple TiltBridge devices in which case each must have a unique name.
  7. Click Save
  8. Reconnect your phone/laptop/etc to your regular wireless network

Once these steps are complete, your TiltBridge should connect to your wireless network and is ready to begin transmitting your Tilt’s data over WiFi.