Installing the Firmware on an ESP32

Installing TiltBridge on an ESP32 can be accomplished using either Fermentrack or the Espressif script.

Installation Using Fermentrack

Installation via Fermentrack is incredibly easy as it leverages the existing “firmware flash” workflow. To flash via this method simply log into your Fermentrack installation, choose “Flash Device” from the devices menu, select the “ESP32” device family, and follow the prompts. When prompted to choose a firmware to flash simply choose “TiltBridge”.

Installation using

TiltBridge can also be installed using Although slightly more involved, this method does not require the use of a Raspberry Pi running Fermentrack.


The command below will automatically detect & flash any Espressif chips connected to the computer running Please leave only the device you are setting up connected to the computer to avoid the risk of misflashing.

  1. Install using the instructions here.
  2. Download all three of the TiltBridge firmware files from GitHub - spiffs.bin, firmware.bin, and partitions.bin
  3. Connect the ESP32 board to the computer you will be using to flash
  4. Open a command prompt and run the flash command --chip esp32 --before default_reset --after hard_reset write_flash 0x10000 firmware.bin 0x8000 partitions.bin 0x3D1000 spiffs.bin

Next Steps

Once your controller is flashed, secure it in its case/enclosure, and proceed to the Initial Setup process.