Other TiltBridge Features/Settings

TiltBridge also has features to simplify both keeping your TiltBridge up to date as well as resetting the WiFi network settings.

Updating your TiltBridge Firmware

Updates to TiltBridge can be easily performed by flashing the latest available firmware from GitHub using either BrewFlasher, Fermentrack, or your favorite ESP32 flashing software.

Resetting your WiFi Configuration Settings

There are two options for resetting your TiltBridge’s WiFi configuration settings.

If you are able to log into your TiltBridge using a web browser, do so, and then click the “x” option at the top of the page, then click the “Reset WiFi Settings” button. This will cause your TiltBridge to delete its network configuration & allow it to be configured using the TiltBridge configuration AP.


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If you are not able to log into your TiltBridge using a web browser, you can also reset the WiFi settings using the “boot” button (if available) on your TiltBridge device. To use this, simply push the “boot” button on the TiltBridge while the device is scanning for Tilt Hydrometers. After you’ve pushed the button once, press it a second time within several seconds to confirm that you want to reset your WiFi settings.


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